Apple and Blackberry Pie

Ice cream? A tower of pistachio and coffee on a wafer cone

Snacks? A packet of mixed nuts or salted pretzels

Biscuits? I’ll take the rich teas and oat cakes

Chocolate? Dark 80%+ cocao, the bitter the better

As the saying goes, I guess I’m just sweet enough!

I personally don’t have a sweet tooth so desserts have never been something I ever really yearn for. When I do, I tend to go for something of a savoury combination; strawberry cheesecake, apple pie, rhubarb crumble, banoffee pie and when I make these particular desserts, of course there’s an uncommon biscuit base to sweet cream cheese ratio, my pastry dresses every inch of the caramelised fruit and the clusters of crumble are large and plentiful. Continue reading